This magical pairing of diverse and enormous talents has been wowing audiences all over Florida and the Southeast for over three years.  We invite you to go around the world of piano and vocal entertainment. This show is a rendezvous with artistry, versatility and passion.

Brian McGurl & Katherine Alexandra

"This is an act as good as anything to be seen in Las Vegas."

- Kim Cool, Florida Sun Times


Our show can be presented as both a duet and quartet production.  For smaller venues, country clubs and private homes, the duo version is most popular and most appropriate.  For larger venues, performing arts centers and theaters, it becomes a matter of choice and taste.  Moscow Meets Manhattan - Dueling Pianos Plus focuses on the brilliant artistry of these two performers in either case - with a bass player and drummer offering additional support and excitement for the quartet version.  Please consult Brian Gurl Productions for more information.

"Dear Brian ... you play a lot of piano!"

- Roger Williams

Brian & Katherine offer a program that allows for considerable flexibility in material - although they have certain pieces that are always performed.  Please consult us for more details.

Brian & Katherine are a perfect Yin and Yang combination - manifesting profound differences in their backgrounds, training and experience (beautiful Russian phenom encounters multi-faceted American piano man) into a deeply interconnected musical performance while balancing each other with a musical symbiosis that thrills the listener.

Powerful piano renditions, soaring vocals and dazzling, fun-filled dueling piano pieces highlight this one-of-a-kind piano duo or quartet production.  The experience for the audience?  Musical virtuosity, pure excitement and intoxicating joy!

  • Hungarian Chop Sticks
  • Root Beer Rag (Joel)
  • Liebestraum
  • Phantom Of The Opera Medley
  • Piano Man
  • All By Myself
  • Lieber Tango
  • Love Story

"The Around the World private concert that Brian & Katherine performed was something that I will never forget.  Truly magnificent!"

- Mark Zietlow, Tulip Time Festival - Holland, MI

"The musical talent of these two artists is astounding.  Brian's piano playing and riveting creativity is among the best we have ever experienced.  Katherine is an exceptional performer with a beautiful voice, a piano virtuosity and a most charming personality.  A total delight!"

- Ed Machdo, The Taste of Venice

Brian & Katherine are first and foremost a class act.  But they are a class act that knows how to "let their hair down," have fun and invite the audience in. Both exquisite performers with engaging personalities, Brian and Katherine interact with each other and the audience - while sharing compelling stories, joyful anecdotes and stirring introductions that lead exquisitely into powerfully-played pieces.

Around the World in 88 Keys Tech Info for Performing Arts Venues

The icing on this "tickling the ivories extravaganza" is Brian & Katherine's dazzling and humorous "one and two piano duets" - bringing back memories of Victor Borge and Ferrante & Teicher.  From a dramatic Lizst's Hungarian Rhapsody #2 suddenly morphing into Chop Sticks - with Brian & Katherine crossing hands and switching places on a single piano bench, to lavish movie themes like Love Story - played with rich melodic lines and glistening arpeggios on TWO pianos, these duets have become riveting showstoppers and audience pleasers.  But the true beauty and magic of this incomparable act is in the contrasts --- the superb synergy​.

Brian Gurl is a true cross-over pianist if there ever was one.  A classically-trained pianist, Brian is fluent in jazz, boogie-woogie, ragtime, blues, pop, latin, rock, Broadway and nearly every genre imaginable - both vocally AND pianistically.  Brian has garnered rave reviews from critics nationwide - including renowned pianist Roger Williams - for his stunningly powerful and imaginative musical arrangements.  His wildly creative renditions of A Rhapsody In GershwinEleanor RigbyOld Man RiverMalaguena and Flight Of The Bumble Bee are consistent showstoppers.

​​​Both remarkable piano virtuosos, Brian & Katherine perform solo piano pieces from a wide range of genres that are staggeringly powerful, yet deliciously different - covering a range from Ragtime to Rachmaninoff to Rock. Plus, they sing.

  • Rachmaninoff Prelude in C#m
  • Flight Of The Bumble Bee
  • Love Me (Elvis Lives!)
  • West Side Story Medley
  • Time To Say Goodbye
  • Rhapsody In Gershwin
  • Great Balls Of Fire
  • The Prayer

Katherine Alexandra was born and raised in Russia and is now a proud American citizen. Katherine is a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory Of Music - Summa Cum Laude - in piano performance and a winner of several international piano competitions.  Katherine is also a superb legit vocalist and a beautiful pop singer - also considering herself to be a crossover artist.  Katherine sings adeptly in four languages and covers material from ​My Heart Belongs (Celine Dion) to Time To Say Goodbye (Sarah Brightman) and styles from Broadway to Abba to Disney's Frozen.

Adding to their considerable piano artistry, Brian and Katherine are both dynamic and accomplished vocalists - giving their show a breathtaking musical diversity.  Epitomizing the "art of versatility," Brian and Katherine cover a vocal range from Birth Of The Blues to Phantom Of The Opera, West Side Story to Great Balls Of Fire and Piano Man to The Prayer sung in Italian.  Their exquisite​ artistry is infused into every genre they visit - with elegance, power and finesse.

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One Piano/Two Pianos

Brian & Katherine's Moscow Meets Manhattan - Around the World in 88 Keys  is designed for both single piano and two piano performances.  Two pianos gives the performance a heightened energy and excitement and opens up more musical possibilities.  For performing arts venues, theaters and concert halls, the "dueling - two piano version" is strongly suggested.  Once again, please consult Brian Gurl Productions for more information.