* Beethoven's Fifth Inning (Beethoven's 5th morphing into a bluegrass/jazz rendition of Take Me Out To The Ball Game)
* A Tribute To West Side Story
* Csardas
* Ashokan Farewell
* Sweet Georgia Brown
* Phantom Of The Opera Medley
* Rodeo by Aaron Copeland
From Bernstein's West Side Story to Monti's Czardas and from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom to Elvis' American Trilogy, be prepared for a poignant and fast-paced journey that weaves its way through Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Classical, Broadway and Pop - highlighted by world-renowned melodies from the likes of John Williams and Aaron Copeland.  Underscoring all the music is Brian's fantastically unique arrangements which Carlann Evans and Kerren Berz handle with total ease and finesse.

A Whirlwind of Piano and Violin Artistry

Brian Gurl, Violinist Kerren Berz

‚ÄčEliot Wadopian, Byron Hedgepeth (kneeling)

Carlann Evans

* Theme From Schindler's List
* Georgia
* Finnegan's Wake
* Shubert's Serenade - Variations on a theme
* A Tribute To Fiddler On The Roof
* An American Trilogy

Song Highlights ...

Brian and violinist/fiddle partner showcase their substantial classical training - together with impeccable artistry, enormous creativity, sense of humor and theatrical savvy to provide an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Exquisite beauty and glorious melodies intertwine with syncopated rhythms and scintillating arpeggios in this exciting musical partnership of violin and piano - backed up by bass and drums - taking a vivid journey through Americana and some of its European roots.

Fiddle Finesse

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