"The musical talent of these two artists is astounding!"

- Ed Machado, The Taste of Venice

"Brian's production is first class in every respect.  He dazzles his audience with piano artistry and his musicians are top notch."

- Chris Romig, Senior Pastor, Venice Presbyterian Church 

"The Champagne & Ivories (now known as Dueling the Ivories)  private concert that Brian and Katherine perform was something I will never forget."
- Mark Zietlow, Tulip Time Festival
  • Pick a date at least 6 - 8 weeks in advance and we'll work with you on marketing and promotion.
  • You create a performance area/space with the best possible viewing.  We provide everything required for a first-class, special event concert performance - with the exception of risers and staging.  Having access to an acoustic grand piano is a big plus for Dueling the Ivories. It is not a factor in the larger shows.

We Provide:
                  Theatrical Lighting
                  Quality Sound System and accessories
                  Theatrical curtains
                  The full production show

Cost:  Please consult BG Productions for details.  For the duo performance of Moscow Meets Manhattan - Dueling Pianos Plus, we suggest an "entertainment charge" added onto the plate charge - with a very reasonable minimum.  For the larger productions we require a flat fee.

  • We are an entertainment company specializing in custom-designed, top-notch, one-of-a-kind musical shows that have been presented extensively around the country.  Our top-rated, most popular Country Club show is called Dueling the Ivories and is the simplest to produce and present.  Our newest larger production - Could It Be Magic - has been a smash hit in performing arts centers nationwide.
  • We are not background music or entertainment nor are we dance music.  We "take you" to the theater, the concert hall, the cabaret - right within the walls of your own country club.  Our productions are designed and created to be total "point of focus" shows - commanding the respect and holding the full attention of the audience - as if at the theater, the concert hall or an elegant cabaret.
Who are we?
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This exciting six-piece production has been playing to sold-out houses and rave reviews nationwide.


Elegant, powerful, engaging and stunningly diverse, Moscow Meets Manhattan - Dueling Pianos Plus has been a hit show all over Florida and the Southeast for over three years.

Brian Gurl & Katherine Alexandra


Check out our fabulous entertainment options, make a choice and let's plan your event

  • Easy to plan - limited menu
  • Reserved, pre-sold dinner show tickets making food planning easy - even with a small "last-minute" walk-in component
  • An exciting performance to remember
Our dinner/"musical cabaret show" combination has been a tremendous success for us over the last few years in many fine country clubs, private clubs, theaters and exclusive homes throughout the Southeast.  We bring the theater to you.


Saving your members from a trip to the concert hall, theater or performing arts center - and the related concerns about driving, parking, drinking and travel is our goal - with the added benefit of their experiencing a dynamic command performance in the comfort of their own clubhouse or dining room.
If your members and residents would like to experience something TOTALLY DIFFERENT, totally spectacular and undeniably unique
look no further.  We have the "goods."  We're self-contained, highly-experienced and we offer a number of first-class entertainment shows.

Riveting Elegance - Engaging Power

  • Memories --- Rave reviews will be flooding your office after one of our performances.
  • Our experience is extensive and our track record of success is unparalleled with distinguished country clubs, private clubs and theaters.
  • We know how to help make a fabulous event come to life.  Once they have experienced one of our "one-of-a-kind," amazing shows, they will want more.  We have seven.
  • With your support, proper planning and our fabulous shows and production capabilities - a successful event is assured.
Why plan an event with us?

"Brian connected with our audience, many of whom are boomers and seniors, and it was on!  His band is individually and collectively as good as it gets ... with a very engaging effect on the audience." 

​- Bill Wilson, COMMA Performing Arts Center, Morganton, NC

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